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Toe Nail Care

By following the Toe Nail Care tips below, your sure to see a big improvement in both the look and smell of your feet and toenails.

It is important to maintain healthy feet and toenails as this will help prevent any infections and cracked heels.
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Daily Tips

  • It is very important to keep your toe nails clean by washing them well when showering.
  • Scrub your heels once a week using a body scrub to prevent hard skin building up. If the skin gets too hard and dry and has a white color, you can use a Pedi Rasp in the shower.
    (How to use a pedi rasp? - please click here.)
  • Apply foot cream or rich body cream after showering, especially on the heels.
  • Avoid walking on your bare feet as this can encourage bacteria growth as well as causing your heels to become hard and start cracking.
  • By regularly pushing up the cuticles with an orange stick, more of the nail plate will be visible, which will ultimately make your toe nails look longer.
    (How to push up the cuticles? - please click here.)
  • By filing your nails correctly, as described in the Home Pedicure section, your nails will strengthen and can be formed into an even square shape.
    (How to use a file? - please click here.)
  • When removing nail polish with cotton wool, try to avoid rubbing too hard, as this will put too much pressure on the toe nails and may effect nail growth.

Weekly Tip

  • The first 5 steps of the Home Pedicure process can be performed once a week to keep your toenails looking beautiful.

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