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Step 6: Toe Nail Art

Adding a simple Toe Nail Art design to your toes will make them look so special!!

You'll feel great too, Im sure!!

What you need for simple toe nail art is...

  • Base Coat
  • Nail Polish
  • Top Coat
  • An Orangewood Stick
Things to prepare for applying Toe Nail Polish

Simple Toe Nail Art 1

  1. Apply a base coat, nail polish and top coat on all toenails.
  2. While the toenails are still wet, touch the top coat brush lightly with a corner of an orangewood stick.
  3. Orangewood Stick
  4. With the same corner of the orangewood stick, pick a gem stone.
  5. Place it onto the top corner of the toe nail.
  6. Place gemstone on Toe Nail
  7. Repeat Step 2 to 4 on the rest of the toe nails.
  8. Apply top coat.
  9. Simple Toe Nail Art

Simple Toe Nail Art 2

If your back is still in good shape, lets try this design too!!
  1. Add 5 pearl stones around the gem stone applied in Simple Toenail Art 1 (only on the big toe).
  2. Add Pearl Stones
  3. Apply top coat.
  4. Toenail Art with Pearl Stones

Well Done!!

Okay, where to now, how about looking into the different Toe Nail Designs in the Gallery.

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Michan and Charming Good Job

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