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Nail Growth

Nail Growth is a topic that is rarely discussed, and I guess that was why I was a little surprised when I found out how many different factors affect how fast our nails grow.

How Fast do Nails Grow??

  • Normal Growth Rate: 0.5 to 1.2mm per week
  • Nails grow faster in warmer weather
  • Growth is faster in children and slows as we age
  • Growth in toe nails is slower than fingernails
  • Growth rates among the fingers will vary, for example, the middle finger grows fastest and the thumb the slowest
  • Nails grow faster in males
  • Nails grow faster in the daytime
  • Nails in the dominant hand grow slightly faster than the non-preferred hand
  • Nails grow faster during pregnancy
  • If a nail is lost through injury it will grow again as long as the matrix is still alive
  • A new nail will take several months to grow back to the original size
Nail Growth

How to improve the Growth Rate of your Nails

  • Maintain a Good Nutrition - Check out Fingernail Health to find out which foods are best for Nail Growth.
  • Regularly Buff your Nails Details on how to buff your nails can be found in both Manicure & Pedicure.
  • Avoid Infection See the Daily Tips in the Toe Nail Care section to learn how to reduce the chances of infection.
  • No Smoking - Smoking disturbs the bodies natural functioning. Stop smoking in order to supply enough oxygen and nutrients in the blood to the nails.

Next: Let's find out what foods are good for your nails!!

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