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Step 1 - Nail Filing

Filing is the fancy technique that can use to shape your nails without using a nail clipper.

What you need is...

  • An Emery Board (can be called a nail file) which has a thin wooden board in between rough sides.
  • A Dust Brush, only if you have one, otherwise a piece of Gauze.
  • Please avoid using a metal file as it can damage the nail.
Nail File and Dust Brush Avoid Metal Files


Before we start, let's remove any left over nail polish!
  1. Take some nail polish remover on a piece of cotton wool and place on the fingernail.
  2. Hold it for 10 seconds and gently wipe off the nail polish.
  3. Wipe the corners of the nail as well as underneath the nail.

Filing Technique

  1. Hold the emery board lightly with your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Do not hold it tightly.
  2. Always keep the emery board at a 45 degree angle (which differs from Pedicure)
  3. Start filing the free edge in one direction only, keeping the emery board at a 45 degree angle.
  4. Remove dust with a dust brush or a piece of gauze once you've achieved the shape you like.
  5. File down the free edge, moving the emery board in one direction only.
  6. Once you have achieved the length you like, file to straighten the sides of the free edge.
  7. File to make the top corners of the free edge slightly round to remove sharp corners.

Very Good!!

Let's put our focus on the bottom of the nail, which is the Cuticle!!

Home Manicure Step 2 - Cuticle Care

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