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French Manicure

What you need is...

  • A piece of Gauze
  • Pre-primer or Nail Polish Remover
  • Base Coat
  • A Base Colour Nail Polish
  • A White Colour Nail Polish
  • Top Coat
  • A Cotton Stick

Things to prepare for French Manicure

French Manicure Technique - Level 1 - Beginner

  1. Apply base coat on free edges.
  2. Apply base coat on nail plates.
  3. Apply pink polish (the base colour) on all nail plates.
  4. Apply 2nd coat of pink polish if needed.
  5. Apply white polish on tips of all free edges.
  6. Place the brush lightly onto the centre of the free edge, creating a square shape using the original shape of the brush.
  7. Applying White Nail Polish
  8. Continuously place the brush in a wide U shape, connecting each square.
  9. Applying 2nd Coat of Nail Polish
  10. Continue applying white polish on the rest of your fingernails, and repeat Step 6 and 7 if the 1st coat was too weak.
  11. Remove any excess nail polish that has got onto the skin using a cotton stick.
  12. Apply top coat lightly to avoid digging the white polish.
  13. Leave nails for at least 30 minutes before touching them.
Completed French Manicure Application

Where to Now??

Okay, we've now finished the best looking simple nails. Now its time to add some spice to your nails to make them look unique!!

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