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Acrylic Nails
Step 1: Acrylic Nail Preparation

Okay! I'll show you how to prepare your natural nails for acrylic nails!!

Why is Preparation Important??

  • Preparing natural nails properly will make acrylic nails last longer.
  • It will prevent mould and bacteria from growing in nails.

What you need is...

  • Anti Bacterial Spray or Wipe
  • Emery Baord (Nail File)
  • Cuticle Knife
  • 180 Grit (or under) Nail File
  • Dust Brush
  • Paper Towel
  • Pre-Primer
  • Primer
Things to prepare for Acrylic Nail Preparation

Safety Precautions (Very Important)

Before we start enjoying acrylic nails, there are important safety precautions to consider:

  • Acrylic nail products can be harmful to the body and the environment when used incorrectly. Please follow the manufacturers' instructions regarding the safe use, handling and storage of products.
  • If you suffer from a nail disease or disorder, or have thin/weak nails, you would be advised NOT to use acrylic nail products.
  • Make sure the room where the acrylic nail products are going to be used is well ventilated.
  • Disinfect hands and equipment before applying acrylic nails onto natural nails.
  • Do not apply acrylic nail products directly onto the skin or put into eyes or mouth.
  • Wipe off any acrylic nail product spillage immediately using a paper towel and dispose them correctly.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching acrylic nail products.
  • If rashes or redness occur during or after using acrylic nail products, stop using and contact your doctor for advise.
  • Follow the acrylic nail removal tutorial closely when removing acrylic nails.
  • DO NOT force the removal of acrylic nails from the natural nails.
  • Keep acrylic nail products out of reach of children and pets.
  • Most acrylic nail products are flammable, so it is important to store them in a dry, cool place that avoids heat and direct sunlight.
  • NEVER drain acrylic nail products in the sink. Always use a paper towel to absorb liquids and dispose them safely (Seek and follow your local waste treatment's advice.

This may sound like a long list of precautions, but it is very important that you read and understand them properly to fully enjoy acrylic nails. Charming Fresh Air


  1. Disinfect your hands using an anti-bacterial spray or wipe. Please make sure to wipe thoroughly, including palms, the back of your hands and nails.
  2. File down the free edges of the natural nail to make them very short.
  3. Spray anti-bacterial spray onto the cuticle knife to make it wet.
  4. Push up the cuticle and scrape off any excess cuticle and dead skin (looks like dry white dust) using a cuticle knife.
  5. Push up Cuticles
  6. Gently scratch the entire surface of the natural nails with a 180 grit nail file to make the surface rough and white looking. (Control the pressure - avoid pushing down too hard. If you feel heat on the nail, that means you are filing too far!!)
  7. Filing Acrylic Nails
  8. Pull the skin down to expose the side of the nail and roughen the area as well.
  9. Roughing the Nail
  10. Remove any dust using a dust brush
  11. Spray anti-bacterial spray onto a small piece of paper towel and wipe off the rest of the dust.
  12. Apply pre-primer to entire nail surface.
  13. Applying Pre-Primer
  14. Prior to applying primer, remove any excess primer by pressing the primer brush onto a paper towel.
  15. Removing excess primer
  16. Apply a tiny amount of primer onto the nails. Do not touch the skin with the primer brush as primer is strongly acidic and it can burn the skin.
  17. Applying Primer

Well Done!!

Now we're all ready to have beautifully extended nails!!

Let's go and practice using acrylic nail products!!

Acrylic Nails Step 2 - Acrylic Nail Application

Charming Good Job

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